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YouTubeKiller - 3.2.7-3

3.87/5 (770 votes).


  YouTubeKiller 3.2

Customize Youtube like never before!

included more then 60+ features,

fully compataible with all Youtube version

and fully Supported iOS 10 UP to iOS 13.6

Supported Languages English >< عــربي >中文


iNcluded features.



Download Capability = YES

PiP Capability = YES


1-ipad redesigned

2-oled dark mode

3-play in background

4-no advertisment

5-no home ad

6-block youtube update

7-age restriction

8-play hd videos over 3G/4G

9-allowed comments all

10-disable drag&drop ipad style


11-hide suggested video

12-disable video description

13-disable comment section


14-looping the clip (Beta)

15-hide volumeBar

16-disable info card

17-show statusBar in overlay

18-hide dark background overlay

19-show Midya controll

20-hide Midya controll

21-hide playlist toggle

22-hide watermark

23-hide next+previous toggle

24-hide share toggle

25-hide endscreen video

26-hide related video

27-disable double tap

28-centered medy controll ipx up


1-4k 8k Enabler

2-Play HD Video on 3G/4G

3-Disable AutoPlay Videos


29-hide statusbar

30-red statusbar


31-sticky navBar

32-red colored icon

33-hide youtube logo

34-hide camera&account button


35-hide downloaad button

36-no expirity downloaded video


37-tabs shrinked (Buttom)

37-tabs shrinked (Smart)

38-hide home page Tab

39-hide trend(Explore) Tab

40-hide Subscription Tab

41-hide inbox Tab

42-hide library Tab

43-hide download Tab

44-hide all Tabs

45-space between Tabs

46-Space between Tabs in Landscape!


47-disabl dark mode

48-hide channel circle icon

49-hide story

50-hide captions

51-hide subscription circle icon

-- video on You tube iNcluded features--


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-- add new --


4K 8K Enabler = Work only with YouTube 15.19 version for now!>


add hide susbsription channels non iPad Style

add disable youtube premium popup

--reset button--

add popup alert when you want reset the settings


-Support Latest YouTube Version | yesterday youtube update 15.33.4 was big so breaks some features i'm still working on it >


-add hide cast toggle


-fix hide filtered title bar for latest youtube version


-improve 4k enabler with latest youtube version


-fix hide camera toggle

-fix hide account 

-fix hide cast button


-add hide search history+search suggest

-fix hide channel subscription

-add hide topics

-add hide notification toggle

-fix disable hints

-fix main icon colors for some section

--Chinese Languages--

-add some section that wasn't translated

--arabic languages--

- تعريب بعض الاقسام الغير معربة

--other improvements--


-add new-

-hide like dislike share download etc..

-hide description text


-imrove hide premium popup 

--other improvement--