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iCTMiZ Pro - 2.2-0-7

4.05/5 (193 votes).


 iCTMiZ Pro 2.2


i Customize Not You Appl!

included more then 250+ features,

Compataible with iOS 13 UP Too iOS 13.6

Supported Languges English>عــربي >中文!


اداة الـ iCTMiZ Pro 2.2

تخصيص النظام من الالف الى الياء تقريبا

فيها اكتر من ٢٥٠+ ميزة 

تدعم الاصدارات ١٣.٦/١٣ 




支持iOS 13 / 13.6

支持的语言英语> عــربي>中文!


iNcluded Features

الميزات الموجودة




فيديو يظهر الميزات الموجودة




2.2 is here!!! biggest update yet!!

=add new=


-disable icon fly in animation


-add custom progress percentage when downloading apps

-custom color progress percentege

-add custom HomeScreen icons rows

-add custom HomeScreen Columns

-hide share apps when invoke 3D touch

-Show App Bundle id + and copy it

-show done button

-hide done button

--folders. add new section for it>

-custom rows for folder

-custom columns

-pinch to close

-auto close folder after launching apps

-disable animation

-New animation

-hide folder names

-hide folder background

-hide icon background

-hide homescreen background


-Remove bolts icon While Charging

-remove battery percentage % english symbols

-remove battery percentage arabic symbols >< they using differnet charecters!


-disable camera + swipe

-hide camera

-disable flashlight

-hide flashlight


-delete completely

-custom dock Radius

-custom dock icon count


-flater Url background


-Exact time for recent section

-colorize incoming calls

-colorize outgoing calls

-colorize Missed calls

-select default tabs on firs launch


-colorize delete Popup alert

-hide stickers

-open link inside messages

-Squired Tables

-disable Rotation

-no audio icon

-hide conversation preview

-disable imessage effects when sended


-delete PHOTOS Permanently NO JUNK !!!! be carfull>



-disable live broadcasting


-always show latest timeline tweets

-hide promotion


-ride of some adds


-swipeup to lock the device

-volume steps

-haptic volume

-fix hide battery not work

-fix hide time was not work

-fix ipad style statusbar

-fix hide coin sle was not work

-other minor bug fixes and improvements

-clean up everything to be much smoother

-add compaitaiblity with the new libhooker

-add compaitaiblity with iOS 13.6



--add new--

-Rounded multitasking card switcher


-breadcrumbs for iOS 13.5 and up

--other improvement--



-fix ipad multitasking gride switcher

-add resize app card

-add quit all apps 

-fix hide app icon

-fix hide app name

-fix rounded switcher card

--other improvement--